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Sts. Peter and Paul



            Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Mission

   UOC of USA - Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Місійна Церква Свв. Апостолів Петра і Павла

Українська Православна Церква в США  Константинопольський Патріархат






                                  Prayer to Sts. Peter and Paul


O most glorious Apostles Peter and Paul, who gave over your souls for Christ, and watered His pasture with your blood: Hearken unto the prayers and sighing of your children, that are now brought to you with a contrite heart.

For behold, we are darkened by our iniquities, and for this cause we are enveloped by troubles as by a cloud; but we are destitute of the oil of good living, and cannot offer resistance to the predatory wolves that so boldly seek to tear apart the inheritance of God. O ye strong ones! Bear our weaknesses, depart not from us in spirit, lest we be cut off at last from the love of God;but defend us by your powerful intercession, so that the Lord may have mercy on us all by your prayers, and may destroy the handwritten account of our immeasurable sins, and grant us to partake with all the Saints of the blessed Kingdom and the marriage feast of His Lamb: to Whom be honor and glory,thanksgiving and worship, unto ages of ages.                                                 Amen.

Welcome to the website of Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Mission - Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, located on the beautiful south shore of West Islip, Long Island: 64 Higbie Lane

West Islip NY 11795

Divine Liturgy is held every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.